Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What a Perfect Wedding in Seattle Would Be

It’s easy to overlook Seattle as a dream wedding destination, unless you’ve actually visited the city. Just as anyone who has spent any significant time in Seattle would tell you, this area can be the ideal location to celebrate your love with your family and loved ones. From popular destinations like Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, to the natural beauty of the Puget Sound or the rich cultural history of Seattle’s music scene, a wedding in Seattle really can be perfect for the bride and groom, for the wedding party, and for the rest of the guests as well.

Perfect for the bride and groom.

One of the great aspects of Seattle is the variety of atmospheres encapsulated in this great city. Whether you want your ceremony to have more of a natural feeling surrounded by Seattle’s incredible displays of nature, or something more urban or modern near Seattle’s world famous points of interest, your perfect wedding venue can be found here.

Popular Seattle wedding destinations include the Seattle Aquarium, the Pacific Science Center, various venues along the Sound or Lake Union, the Space Needle, one of the many regional parks perfect for unplugged weddings, or even your own backyard.

People visit Seattle because it is a wonderfully unique destination. Accordingly, it also likely has a great venue for your wonderfully unique and perfect wedding.

Perfect for the wedding party.

In addition to perfect day-of events and locations for the bride and groom, the perfect Seattle wedding should include great bachelor and bachelorette parties. Seattle is an immensely fun city, making it ideal for pre-wedding festivities for the bride and groom’s closest friends and loved ones.

For the bachelorette party, a night of cabaret at Can Can or an afternoon of arts and wine with Corks and Canvas Events can be your perfect party. If not, there are countless other options available, no matter what your interests or hobbies may be. For the bachelor party, consider an evening of drinking, comedy, and music at 88 Keys Dueling Piano Bar or an afternoon of manly bonding on one of Seattle’s various lakes or waterways. For the combination bachelorette and bachelor party, not much tops taking the Cycle Saloon out for spin around the city.
Perfect for the guests.

Your guests, if they’re not from the area, might be traveling to Seattle for the first time. As such, you can use your wedding to show off what makes Seattle great, which will both please your guests and make your wedding an occasion to remember. You can accomplish this by using products associated with Seattle or Washington as party favors, food choices, and/or decorations.

For example, in addition to Seattle’s Best Coffee and Washington apples, provide your guests with snacks and goodies from Jones Soda, the Seattle Seahawks or Sounders, the Space Needle, anything from the wide assortment of shops at Pike Place Market, short mixtapes of your favorite Seattle musicians, and other things that one would only associate with a good time in town.

In addition to providing your guests with the perfect Seattle experience while at your wedding, it’s important to remember that your guests may need assistance traversing the city before and after the big event. Simply including bus or Link Light Rail information with your wedding RSVPs will go a long way to ensure that your guests enjoy their time in the city and arrive at your wedding ready to celebrate your day.

Last, but certainly not least, remember that Seattle’s natural beauty sometimes includes a rain shower or two. Providing guests with wedding-customized rain gear (think umbrellas and inexpensive outer warm-wear) could be the ultimate way to cement the perfect guest experience for your Seattle wedding.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, it’s an easy destination to overlook while planning your perfect wedding. If you like grey days and a warm cup of joe, great; you won’t have to look very far. However, if you want something more upbeat, outdoors, scenic, or even traditional, Seattle has the perfect venue and accommodations for the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the wedding guests, too.

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