Thursday, June 29, 2017

Want To Lose Weight? Try This Diet Now

            Why is weight loss such a popular issue? Let me put it a different way. Popular diets have always been the craze but none of them ever work. Why even bother looking at this one? But like with most things, there are often two sides to a story. In this case, it’s the stigma around popular diets.
            If you’ve briefly checked out that link, you’re probably a bit cynical (even I am) given how cliché losing weight through diets and failing has become as a New Year’s Resolution. The fact that one link has thirty different diets also brings into question if any of them work. I get it.
            Before I get into why you should try this diet, I think the more important point is to establish my credibility, if only a little, right now. From my perspective, it’s not the popular diets that don’t work. It’s the people doing the popular diets that don’t work. 
            No, I’m not saying they’re dysfunctional when I say they don’t work. I mean they pick up the diet, throw it away, and pick up a new one faster than you can do with gum. That’s really the problem here. Nobody’s following through with the plan. How can you tell whether the plan isn’t working if not enough people perform it correctly?
Let’s modify our approach a bit. I’ll get to the actual part about the diet soon, but there’s something even more important to losing weight. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (a part of the NIH), the most important part of losing the weight might not actually be the diet you choose, but how you cultivate and maintain good habits. 
Check out this list of some of the things that this NIH sponsored institute suggests towards getting to a healthy weight.
       This one’s a bit repetitive, but realize the role of changing your behaviors on weight loss
       Set goals that are attainable. The must be specific, attainable, and forgiving.
       Break down a bigger, long-term goal into a set of progressive and smaller short-term goals.
       Set up a reward system for your success (not with food obviously)
       Keep track of your caloric intake and expenditure
       Avoiding doing things that tempt you into eating or having similar thoughts
       Eat slowly. The signal that you’re full takes at least 15 minutes to travel to your brain, so you might be over-eating a little without realizing it.
Hopefully after seeing so many examples you’ve now developed a general sense of why it’s not just about the diet. Your behaviors like your sleep cycle or the intensity and duration of your exercise play an equal role towards your goal of weight loss as the food you eat. 
The Actual Diet
            This diet’s named the Three Day Military Diet. In any case it’s a pretty ironic name because the diet has nothing to do with the military or three days. The first claim is pretty self-explanatory, the military doesn’t use it. The second one is about sticking to things.
            You see, the three day part actually doesn’t just last three days. It’s a two part process. First, you begin by fasting. Your caloric intake will drop to 1000 to 1300 calories per day for three days. The next four days you will (or attempt to) eat normally. You keep on doing this over a few weeks or months until you see results. 
            To be quite honest, the diet itself is harder than the part about forming good habits, since you’re basically forming a bad habit. You’re modifying the metabolic rate of your body by sending it confusing signals about the availability of food on certain days.
            That confusion for your body probably isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world. But if you really want to lose weight fast in a way that isn’t complete starvation, the three day military diet might hold some merit.
You might also want to consider the mental consequences. Personally, it’d be very hard for me to eat about fifty percent less than the recommended 2000 calories per day (that’s everywhere on labels) for three days and then eat “normally” for the rest of the week. 
In any situation, if you take away anything from this piece. It’s that weight loss is a gradual process that happens over time due to your own sustained efforts. Only sustained, consistent efforts at the diet outlined above along with good habits will eliminate weight reliably.

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