Thursday, May 25, 2017

What To Look For In A New Hire

            You’re an employer or business executive scouting talent for your business. But time and time again the hiring process reveals itself as a time consuming and costly process. The problem of finding motivated and efficient employees that stay that way in the long run and decreasing the overall turnover rate of your business definitely constitutes a dilemma for most entrepreneurs trying to optimize hiring.
            Because hiring new employees counts as a costly affair as well as an investment, it is natural that a company should make employment decisions that lead to the reduction of turnover, and instead, the retention of hard-working and motivated employees to mitigate overall losses. The first interview stands as one of the key gateways that you can use to directly control the expenses of hiring through a thorough investigation of a potential employee.

            That said, we can assume that there are a number of traits that are reliable signs or giveaways regarding how confident you can be as an employer regarding the future investment of a candidate. Let’s delve briefly into which traits to prioritize when it comes to vetting your newest hires.

1. Long-Term Potential
            One of the key areas where  you can aim to minimize costs is the reduction of turnover rate, since employees quitting the job abruptly actually creates a majority of cost through wasted investment put into the training of that employee. Therefore, employers and recruiters should vet interviewees  for traits that emphasize employment longevity as well as the ability to commit. As a basic example, you should think twice about hiring someone with a very punctuated record of employments that last a very short amount of time, as this indicates that the person likely will not be able to hold onto a job you give them in the long-run. In contrast, an individual with college or graduate degrees or with a steady record of employment implies a reasonable choice.
            The type and number of certifications that an employee has may also reliably reveal their attitude toward learning and their potential for long-term growth in the company. By recognizing the appropriate elements on a potential hire’s résumé, you can create a system of metrics that categorizes and sorts new hires based on average employment time, giving you a clearer overall picture of how an individual’s credentials may impact your turnover rate of your company or startup.

2. Meeting a Bottom Line and Producing Results
            In order for your new hire to contribute significantly to the efforts of your company, he or she will need to be capable of actually generating results through work. There are plenty of individuals who look good on paper, in terms of the titles that they hold, but a true and comprehensive litmus test of an individual’s employability should take into account their ability to actually make an impact through their work.
            Allowing potential hires to brag about their previous results and efforts and to explain the strategies they employed to accomplish their goals will lead to a better sense of that person’s ability and competence. Further, only through hiring individuals shown to possess a track record of producing solid results can a company apply a more robust growth strategy.

3. Passion, Enthusiasm, and a Practical Mindset
         As a general rule of thumb, the ideal hire should be passionate and have some sort of vested interest or involvement with regards to the work they are participating in at your company. For example, if you were sifting through potential medical school applicants, one of the questions you might ask interviewees might be “why do you want to become a doctor?” The connection between the reasons for becoming a doctor and their abilities to actually perform doctoral responsibilities are crucial. In the same vein, the reasons as to why a job applicant is interviewing for a certain position is important may impact their long-term retention and desire to advance within a company.
             This trait should be coupled with a practical mindset, as being able to think practically will allow a hire to actually produce results for the company by utilizing the resources given to them in an innovative manner to come up with solutions.

4. Being a Team Player and Having Good Communication Skills
            Giving credit to others when credit is due or simply being able to function and strengthen a team when working on a project are foundational qualities that are important for any business that strives to use the coordinated efforts of different people to achieve a result. Being a team player and communicating effectively leads to a greater ability to synthesize original ideas from a number of different platforms to enhance the quality of solutions that are delivered.
            As an employer, you should ask for experiences that help illustrate an interviewee or hire’s previous work experience in order to get a better sense of how they might fit in with your company.

         To sum it all up, when looking for desirable qualities in a new hire, you should prioritize traits that mitigate chances of an early turnover, such as a history of steady work, an ability to commit to tasks and roles, and unencumbered intellectual curiosity. Ideally, your new hire or interviewee should also demonstrate an ability to reliably produce results and evaluate things from a practical perspective, a vested interest or passion in the work they are seeking, and the ability to function or coordinate well in team environments.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What To Look For In A PPC Intern

When it comes to hiring interns, the world of PPC is an interesting place. After all, while PPC is a widespread practice in the advertising world, it’s something that those in undergraduate programs don’t always have the most experience in executing. However, while the candidate pool isn’t nearly as large as other industries, that can actually be pretty beneficial to your hiring process.

Not only are those interested in paid advertising already invested in the practice, but they’re going to bring a wide mix of experience from their day-to-day usage of these platforms. These people are using social and digital media every day, so being up on the latest and greatest practices is a common trait, which may encourage a long term investment on their careers. However, finding the right candidate can be tough, which is why we’ve compiled a few essential qualities to look for in potential hires.

They Cover  Basics

It goes without saying that no matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to cover your bases in applying for a job. This includes making sure their cover letter and resume are error free and in pristine condition, as well as that they conduct themselves well for the interview. Additionally, the right candidate will not only employ an interest in the world of digital marketing, but will also have already found experiences to help them learn ins and outs of PPC advertising.

They Have Experience Over Just Education

When it comes to PPC and digital advertising, experience is everything. Quite simply, there are some things you can’t teach in school, which is important to note in the candidate vetting process. Some simple things you can address off the bat are certifications in programs like Google Analytics and AdWords. Additionally, any direct experience in digital marketing is, of course, a win. However, even if they don’t have that type of work under their belt, there’s still some great alternatives to be mindful of.

As the world of advertising can be one where candidates can translate their skills from a bunch of different areas, it’s good to view how their other occupations in and outside the industry can relate.

For example, someone that’s a great writer or journalist can bring an enormous amount of expertise in providing copy that is concise and captures a brand’s voice. Individuals who have run a social media accounts for a local business or nonprofit can bring a lot of insights to the table, as they’ve had experience liaising with business owners and meeting their social media demands. At the end of the day, we all want someone that has robust and relevant experience,  but don’t hesitate to be open-minded in terms of what others can bring to your firm as well.

They’re Up On Current Trends

If someone’s experience doesn’t exactly match your description, but they have an up-to-date understanding of current trends in PPC, they can still add value to your business. After all, as common PPC is across the board, this is still a pretty niche industry, so finding individuals who are passionate about analytics and digital growth is key to building out a sound PPC practice. 

One of the most vital aspects of the interview or vetting process is not only assessing their knowledge of terms, but also testing their real world application. For example, any candidate should have a strong understanding of the role of mobile devices in PPC campaigns, so offering  mobile strategy test scenarios will help you gain deeper insights into how they approach campaign management. Additionally, knowing how important standard advertising practices such as social proof come into consideration as well, as these are the foundation of any campaign, regardless if it’s using digital channels or not.

Finding The Right Fit

In assessing all the factors of your search, it’s important to keep an open mind in regards to bringing in new and varied candidates. Whether it’s someone who is an amazing copywriter who want’s to up their digital game, or a social media wizard looking to sharpen business acumen, be open to allowing a variety of individuals with distinct backgrounds grow into new roles. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What a Perfect Wedding in Seattle Would Be

It’s easy to overlook Seattle as a dream wedding destination, unless you’ve actually visited the city. Just as anyone who has spent any significant time in Seattle would tell you, this area can be the ideal location to celebrate your love with your family and loved ones. From popular destinations like Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, to the natural beauty of the Puget Sound or the rich cultural history of Seattle’s music scene, a wedding in Seattle really can be perfect for the bride and groom, for the wedding party, and for the rest of the guests as well.

Perfect for the bride and groom.

One of the great aspects of Seattle is the variety of atmospheres encapsulated in this great city. Whether you want your ceremony to have more of a natural feeling surrounded by Seattle’s incredible displays of nature, or something more urban or modern near Seattle’s world famous points of interest, your perfect wedding venue can be found here.

Popular Seattle wedding destinations include the Seattle Aquarium, the Pacific Science Center, various venues along the Sound or Lake Union, the Space Needle, one of the many regional parks perfect for unplugged weddings, or even your own backyard.

People visit Seattle because it is a wonderfully unique destination. Accordingly, it also likely has a great venue for your wonderfully unique and perfect wedding.

Perfect for the wedding party.

In addition to perfect day-of events and locations for the bride and groom, the perfect Seattle wedding should include great bachelor and bachelorette parties. Seattle is an immensely fun city, making it ideal for pre-wedding festivities for the bride and groom’s closest friends and loved ones.

For the bachelorette party, a night of cabaret at Can Can or an afternoon of arts and wine with Corks and Canvas Events can be your perfect party. If not, there are countless other options available, no matter what your interests or hobbies may be. For the bachelor party, consider an evening of drinking, comedy, and music at 88 Keys Dueling Piano Bar or an afternoon of manly bonding on one of Seattle’s various lakes or waterways. For the combination bachelorette and bachelor party, not much tops taking the Cycle Saloon out for spin around the city.
Perfect for the guests.

Your guests, if they’re not from the area, might be traveling to Seattle for the first time. As such, you can use your wedding to show off what makes Seattle great, which will both please your guests and make your wedding an occasion to remember. You can accomplish this by using products associated with Seattle or Washington as party favors, food choices, and/or decorations.

For example, in addition to Seattle’s Best Coffee and Washington apples, provide your guests with snacks and goodies from Jones Soda, the Seattle Seahawks or Sounders, the Space Needle, anything from the wide assortment of shops at Pike Place Market, short mixtapes of your favorite Seattle musicians, and other things that one would only associate with a good time in town.

In addition to providing your guests with the perfect Seattle experience while at your wedding, it’s important to remember that your guests may need assistance traversing the city before and after the big event. Simply including bus or Link Light Rail information with your wedding RSVPs will go a long way to ensure that your guests enjoy their time in the city and arrive at your wedding ready to celebrate your day.

Last, but certainly not least, remember that Seattle’s natural beauty sometimes includes a rain shower or two. Providing guests with wedding-customized rain gear (think umbrellas and inexpensive outer warm-wear) could be the ultimate way to cement the perfect guest experience for your Seattle wedding.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, it’s an easy destination to overlook while planning your perfect wedding. If you like grey days and a warm cup of joe, great; you won’t have to look very far. However, if you want something more upbeat, outdoors, scenic, or even traditional, Seattle has the perfect venue and accommodations for the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the wedding guests, too.