Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Dollars on the Road: Working while Travelling

The ability to see the world while earning a paycheck might just be the new American Dream. With over 38% of millennials currently freelancing in some fashion, it's a concept that's becoming less “dream” and more “reality.” Many people use these jobs to make a living working from home, but as laptop prices become more affordable and Wi-Fi becomes more available, there are fewer barriers every day to making a living on the open road. Want to join the movement? Here are a few jobs that you should consider if you'd like to unshackle from a traditional desk or retail job.

Content Writer
If you enjoy writing and have a good grasp of grammar and storytelling, you might want to check out content writing. Individuals working as writers typically solicit projects from "mill" sites that list jobs available. These jobs can be as small as Twitter updates written for businesses to longer "white papers" that take on an essay-like length and depth for a given subject. One of the more stable online jobs, there's never a lack of businesses that need work like articles, blogs, and even product descriptions done.
Note: You'll need a payment account, such as Paypal, in order to get paid.

Stock Trader
One of the most well-known ways to make a living on your own schedule, stock trading holds a great deal of promise for those that show proficiency. It requires a solid understanding of any markets you're trading in, but it also has nearly unlimited earning potential for the right individuals. You'll need a good laptop and a reliable internet connection, but trading on the road can open up a world of possibilities for travel and life experiences without needing to punch a clock or answer to an overbearing boss. It can be helpful to have a subscription to useful resources such as industry news sites, stock trading classes or courses, or newsletters known for smart stock picks.

Secret Shopper / Reviewer
One of the more challenging on-the-road jobs, this position requires you to do a little research and weed out scams and fly-by-night companies before committing. As a general rule of thumb, you should never pay money for access to "lists" of job opportunities: more often than not, these are simply culled from publicly-available information and job boards and filled with positions that have already closed. Look for review opportunities that come from known businesses or organizations, and don't be shy about looking up reviews on those companies themselves.
Note: A reputable review company—either for products or experiences, such as hotels—will pay for your products or services upfront and won't require you to submit information for reimbursement at a later date.

Vehicle Advertising
While not as lucrative an opportunity as some of the other jobs on this list, partnering with a company that pays you to "wrap" your car in a vinyl sign or a specially-made window shade can be a great source of passive income. If you're planning on driving through populated areas, this is an excellent way to make money doing the driving you were already planning to do!
Note: Most car signage companies will require you to have a newer, dent-free car, so if your ride is looking a little ragged, this might not be the right opportunity for your needs.

Promotional Agent
Product launch parties, demonstrations, and seasonal displays all need to be set up, staffed and documented—so why not earn a living doing it yourself? Promotional companies routinely search for enthusiastic "brand ambassadors" to talk up their products at special events nationwide and even worldwide, so if you're young, energetic and attractive, it's worth looking into!
Note: Most companies that hire for these positions and pay for travel will ask you for a headshot and, ideally, some experience either modeling or performing in a brand representative capacity at trade shows or similar events.

If you're tired of being "trapped" in your town or job and aren't sure what to do about it, why not consider breaking free and seeing the world in a whole new way? If you have a phone, a laptop and an entrepreneurial spirit, there's no reason why you can't earn a great living while taking in some of the greatest sights in the country, or even the world.