Friday, April 01, 2011

A study to see the condition of the investing market

Singapore is the most fruitful and profitable place for the investors all over the world. Due to the debt crisis and inflation in US, the investors are shifting their base to other places such as Singapore. Investment is lucrative in all fields such as gold, real estate, stocks and shares. This also has given a few people chance to go for debt reduction options as the returns are better than other markets.

What does ING survey result show?

The survey results of ING Survey Dashboard result shows that the investing in Singapore market has increased 5% in the quarter 3 of 2010 that is, from 140 in Q2, it has increased to 147 in Q3. The investor sentiment is on the positive side as there is around 100% improvement in the investing market in Singapore from 73 for quarter 3 in 2008 to 147 for Q3 in 2010. The investors owe their confidence in the Asian market to the debt crisis in the US financial market.

The returns are very good and improved and the investors are very happy with the results. People are now buying properties and other stocks in the Singapore market to get better returns on their endeavors as well as get help of debt reduction options if they had any money overdue. Singapore ranks 5th in the real estate market in Q3 in Asia after India, Philippines, Thailand and Honk Kong. This result excludes Japan. South-East Asian has emerged as top performers in case of investment.

What positive do banks say?

Seeing the huge market shift from the Western countries to the South East Asian countries, the banks have commented in the reason for this. They say that after Q2, the South-East Asian countries Singapore being one of them have a seen a surge of investors. They had feared that since the debt crisis in US markets has improved a bit, people will invest there. But investors are not taking any chance and investing in Singapore and other neighboring countries. The most important reason for investors to invest in Singapore is the optimism in the housing market. But some of the optimism was removed and replaced with some of the other measures.

What negative do banks say?

But there is also some downfall in this type of market upsurge. Investors have to watch out for global currency war in 2011 as the US dollar will be weak for sometime. The US Federal Reserve may implement some measures to make improvement in the consumer price index. The interest rates in South-East Asia will be low but will create asset price overheating and pressurize the market currency in Asia to increase their value. Until the economic conditions improve, Asia has to deal with inflationary measures.

The interest rates are quite low so the most lucrative areas to invest in Singapore are gold, bonds, real estate and telecommunications. The personal financial market in Singapore and other Asian countries have improved so much that investors are forecasting for better market conditions in the future.

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