Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Spend Less on Internet Service

According to Federal Communications Commission, approximately 93 million Americans don't have access to home broadband because the cost is too high. If you are in this position or if you are just looking for ways to spend less on internet service, there are several savings options you can consider.

Look for Promotions

Every internet service provider runs periodic promotions. Some of these promotional offers are available to new customers; others are available to current customers. You can find information about potential promotions through sites that focus on internet service providers, coupons, and web deals. You can also contact your current ISP and others in the area to inquire about promotions available in your neighborhood.

Haggle with Your Provider

If you aren’t happy with the price you pay for internet service, try haggling with your provider. Be polite and explain why you think you are paying too much. Then, ask for a discount or a special promotional price. If that doesn’t work, let your ISP know that you are thinking of switching to another company. They may prefer giving you a deal to losing you as a customer.

Downgrade Your Service Plan

Some internet service plans come with extras like download boosters, web hosting, web development services, and multiple email addresses. Some of these extras are free, but others are offered at an additional cost. Check your internet bill and make sure you know what you are being charged for. If your bill contains extras that you don't use, get rid of them.

Lower Your Mobile Bill

According to recent estimates, nearly one third of all adults have a smart phone with internet access. This is incredibly convenient but can also be expensive. Make sure you are not paying more than you need to for your mobile service. There are several sites online, including,, and, that can offer you tips on lowering your mobile bill as well as information about special coupons, promotions, and offers. Don't be afraid to switch providers if you can find a better deal through another company.

Get Naked DSL

In 2005, the FCC began encouraging ISPs to unbundle their DSL internet service from their local phone service. This led to Naked DSL. Also known as standalone DSL, naked DSL is a type of internet connection that is available to people who do not have a land line telephone. This connection is available through several well-known internet service providers, including Verizon, AT&T, and Quest Communications. Naked DSL is relatively cheap and can be purchased for as little as $10 per month.

Go Back to Dial-Up

Dial-up internet service is not an ideal option for some people. It can tie up your phone line and does not run nearly as fast as other types of internet connections. However, it is very inexpensive. Dial-up can sometimes be purchased for as little as $10 per month. In some areas, it may even be free. If you need to slash your internet bill or if you only need the internet to access email and perform basic tasks, dial-up is worth considering.

Use Your Internet More

According to a Pew Internet Life Study, the average broadband user pays $39 a month for internet service--nearly $500 per year. If you are going to pay this much or more for internet service, make the most of your expenditure. Use the internet to watch movies, stay in touch with friends, and study the things that interest you. Doing so may allow you to save on other things like cable TV service, cell phone bills, books, tuition, and more.

Guest post from Karen Schweitzer. Karen writes about internet service providers for

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