Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Save Money on Cab Fare

If you’ve tried to get a cab lately and got frustrated at how difficult it was or how expensive the cab trip was, I have some good news for you. Innovative applications and websites are popping up all over the Internet to help you find a cab quickly and for the cheapest possible price.

One of these neat new websites is Just select the city that you're traveling in, type in where you're located and where you'd like to go, and search for rides. Say for instances you're looking for a King County taxi that you can share. Hop on the web and search for others going the same route and share the fare. There is even a fare calculator that lets you know how much it will cost you before you get into the car. Plus, if somebody wishes to join you in the cab, then you can split the fare and then both of you save money!
Currently, this is located in most of the major United States cities, but it is getting jump started in major overseas cities too. As more and more people begin using applications and websites like CabCorner, even more people will be able to split rides. That means that even if this doesn't work for you right now because of some inconvenience—say it takes too long to find someone to split a ride with you--stay up to date with CabCorner and similar websites because eventually enough people will join it to make it worth your time. Then, it will be easy to find a shareable ride wherever you are.

Wheeels is trying pretty much the same thing that CabCorner is doing. It's just another way that you might be able to find somebody to share your ride with. Since there isn't a consolidated monopoly over taxi sharing services, it's a good idea to try to join as many as you possibly can to increase your chances of being able to split a cab quickly. Wheeels offers that convenience to you.

But then, there is Uber. They aren’t so much focused on letting you share a cab as they are at hooking you up with a taxi driver as quickly as possible. They use the cutting-edge of technology in order to cut through all the inconveniences that can sometimes accompany finding a taxi driver. All that you have to do is use your Android or iPhone with their application, and you can get a direct hold of the cheapest cab driver without having to waste a bunch of time on hold or leaving messages on peoples’ answering machines.

Get Taxi
Get Taxi ups the ante where Uber left off. They have that same great ability to order a taxi using your mobile phone. Then they combine it with the ability to get updates on where your driver is, how long it will be until he or she gets there, and all kinds of other useful information that takes the worrying out of finding a taxi. It hunts down who offers the best rates to save you money. Plus, it integrates the ability to rate drivers and read the ratings other customers have given drivers. This will help make sure that you don't end up getting in a taxi only to find that the driver is cranky, mean, or otherwise not so fun--all while saving you your hard-earned green paper!

Stita Taxis is a Seattle taxi service running a clean and green fleet of Prius to take you where you need to go.

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