Thursday, December 29, 2005

Liberal Store Return Policies

There are a couple of stores that I am fiercely loyal to because of their no-questions-asked return policies: Nordstrom and REI. Don't you hate it when you buy something and use it only to find that something significant is wrong with it? Most stores would look at you like a crazy person if you tried to return a pair of shoes that had already been worn outdoors. Both Nordstrom and REI will take back any item they sell within any period of time. Because of this amazing return policy, I will shop at their stores first before looking for a product elsewhere. Just yesterday I returned a bike to REI that I purchased over a year ago because the gears weren't shifting properly and they weren't able to repair it.

I save all of my receipts which allows me to get the full price I paid back on my purchase. Otherwise, the stores will offer the current price of the item if it is on sale.

I've heard that LL Bean will take back their products as well, but I have never returned anything there. Does anybody know of other stores that offer a similar return policy?

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