Friday, January 21, 2011

Deals at Local Grocery Store

Unfortunately I do not live close to a warehouse store like Costco or Sams. I stumbled upon a chain of stores called Grocery Outlet. They are only located in western-U.S. states. I visited one a couple of weeks ago and wasn't very impressed.

It was kind of grimy, and when it comes to food I like to shop at a really clean store. I visited a different location a couple of days ago, and this one was very clean. You can get good deals on food, although much (but not all) of what they carry are never-heard-of brands.

What impressed me the most was the great prices on beer and wine. I bought a bottle of red wine that was originally $18, marked down to $3.99 and it was delicious. I also bought a two-pack of Progresso spaghetti sauce for $2.99. They also carry many national brands of dog and cat food. If you have one close by, it is worth checking out.

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