Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dumpster Diving for Chairs

Yesterday my sister excitedly told me about a set of chairs she saved from being thrown out by a neighbor. This is extremely out of character for my sister who is a bit of a shopaholic and a stickler for quality. But these chairs spoke to her - they are groovy, authentically retro-style swivel chairs that just need to be recovered in a modern fabric to replace the grungy aqua blue vinyl they currently sport. She thought they'd be great in the kids play room.

I was thrilled (and shocked) to hear that she had acquired the chairs. She asked the owners permission, and they were happy to have her take them. The sad part is that my sister's husband is appalled that she salvaged these chairs. I am proud of my sister for standing up for going through with it, despite her husbands disapproval. I mean, the price is right (free!) and once they are recovered, I'm sure her husband won't be embarrassed of them.

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