Friday, February 10, 2006

I Threatened to Cancel - They Paid Me $$

Last week I wrote about saving big bucks on my auto insurance and cell phone bill. Yesterday I decided it was time to cancel one of my two credit cards. I currently have a Chase Rewards Visa and a Cash Back American Express card. Because Visa is accepted more places than Amex (especially overseas, which I travel to occasionally) I decided to cancel the Amex.

When I called Amex to cancel, they offered a couple of incentives to entice me to stay. Currently, I am required to carry a balance on the card (which I never do) to obtain the maximum cash back allowance. They permanently waived that requirement. In addition they offered a $25 one time credit to my account. I accepted the deal. Later when I have the time, I'll compare the cash back incentives for both cards, but in the mean time I'll enjoy the $25 credit!

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