Sunday, February 12, 2006

Small Home = $15 Carpet Cleaning

Just another side benefit to living small is the fact that I can handle certain home maintenance projects myself instead of hiring them out. Today I decided to clean my carpets. The last time I cleaned my carpets I rented a machine at Home Depot for $14. Recently I noticed that the drug store at the end of my street offers carpet cleaning machines for $15. I went for this option to save the hassle of the rental department at Home Depot on a crazy Sunday.

The cleaning went very smoothly, and I had the entire project completed in about an hour. That includes renting the machine, completing the cleaning and returning the machine. My boyfriend, who just purchased a ridiculously huge 4-bedroom house, just paid $300 to have his carpets cleaned by professionals. Normally he would do something like that himself, but it was an overwhelming chore given the size of his new home. Of course you could clean your own carpets if you own a large house, but it becomes a much more onerous task.

So whenever I see someone's showcase home that causes me to think how nice it would be to have a guest room...back yard...utility room...basement...yadda yadda...I just remind myself of the little benefits of living small like being able to clean my carpet in one hour for just $15.

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