Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why My Heating Bills Never Exceed $40 a Month

This morning in Seattle, I awoke to a snowy winter wonderland, something that doesn't happen very often. There is a lot of pain this time of year due to soaring home heating costs. But in the two years that I've owned my condo, my monthly heating costs have never exceeded $40. I keep my thermostat at a reasonable setting in the winter - about 65 degrees, so I'm not sitting around bundled in a down jacket with my teeth chattering just to save a little money.

The secret to my low monthly heating bills is the fact that I live in a condo that is built to energy star standards which are strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA. Based on my winter heating bills, energy star works! Plus it's good for the environment because I'm using less energy to heat my home since it is so well insulated, and therefore I'm saving money. Over a period of years, this will have a significant payback period.

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