Thursday, January 12, 2006

A $2,000 Benefit for Exposing My Finances to the World

This morning I received a comment on my blog that gave me the same feeling as receiving a Christmas present from Santa. On my post showing my 2005 tax estimate, I reveal that I contributed $3,000 to my 2005 IRA. An anonymous comment popped up on my post for my 2006 goals pointing out that the 2005 maximum is $4,000, and that I can still add to my 2005 IRA. Wahoo! I completely forgot that you can still contribute to last year's IRA.

Another comment on the thread for my 2006 goals pointed out that I had set my 2006 IRA contribution goal too low. The result of these two comments that I will transfer an additional $2,000 from my money market account to my IRA account. For a compulsive retirement saver like me, that's quite exciting.

I wish I could send a couple of canned hams to those anonymous commenters who have made my day. Thank you!!!

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