Monday, January 09, 2006

The Hit and Run Driver is Paying Up!

I wrote back in December that a driver who hit my car while it was parked in a lot left a note for me. We traded voicemails once just after it happened in December, but after three weeks of trying to reach her, I had given up hope and was considering paying for the repairs out of my own pocket. The repairs are substantial. I obtained three estimates and they ranged from $900 - $1,000.

This weekend on one last desperate attempt to reach her, she answered the phone when I called! I think her guilty conscience got to her because she agreed to report it to her insurance company and she immediately called me back with a claim number.

This morning her insurance company called me to settle the claim. I took my car to their recommended repair shop for an estimate and to schedule the repairs. I was surprised when their estimate was only $650. Did the other repair shops estimate higher because there was no insurance company to lean on them to keep the costs down? I find that to be very curious.

This is all very good news. My car will be repaired later this week. Life is good.

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