Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Selling Clothes at Consignment Store Results in $135 Check

Last year I completed an overhaul of the clothing in my closet. In a previous post, I wrote about how I've actually saved money by buying high-quality clothing in classic styles. I purged my closet of all clothes and shoes that were either too trendy, nice but ill-fitting, cheaply made or redundant. I replaced the clothes with high-quality staples. As I purged, I set aside items that would be appropriate for my local consignment shop. Before taking the clothes, shoes, purses and belts to the shop, I made sure everything was impeccably clean and pressed, polished and shined. And I only took clothes that were appropriate for the current season. I went to the consignment shop every two months dropping off clothes and picking up checks from the previous batch. Because I was meticulous with the clothing I took to the shop, they sold 100% of the items. Yesterday I picked up the final check for $135. My bi-monthly checks averaged $75. This one was a bit higher because I sold a leather jacket in a dated style. My closet is now organized, minimized and filled with beautiful items that I love. And I have a nice little check that I will put toward an extra principle payment for January!

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