Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Being Single Aids in Rejecting New TV Purchase

Yesterday I decided to rearrange some furniture in my condo. As part of the rearrangement, I moved my TV and DVD player from the office to the living room. The only spot in the living room for my TV is above the fireplace. As a result, the line of sight to the TV is undesirably high, but I'm sure I'll get use to it. The TV sits even higher because the DVD player is underneath it. My boyfriend stopped by after work and immediately noticed the new TV placement. He spent quite a bit of time trying to convince me that I now needed a new TV with an integrated DVD player. As part of his argument, he pointed out (with disgust) that I maintain the cable connection on my existing TV with twist ties because the connection snapped off in a previous move. But the twist ties work just fine to hold the connection in place. Sure, I occasionally have to play around with it to fix fuzzy reception or ghosts on the screen. It's still a perfectly good TV and I don't mind that minor inconvenience when I think of the alternative. I know if I walk into an electronics store, the salesman will inform me that I must get a flat screen HDTV for $1,500. And of course I'll admire the shiny new TV's and probably think that I actually do need one.

So as my boyfriend stated his opinion (multiple times) I just smiled and nodded and acknowledged that he was right - yes, the TV is too high and a new one would certainly improve the situation. Sure, using twist ties is a bit "ghetto" (his word), or rather "frugal" (my word). But you can't see them - they're in the back of the TV. But will I buy a new TV? Heck, no. What I have is just fine, thank you. That's one benefit of being single. I get to make 100% of my own decisions.

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