Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Simplify Home Cooking: Create Two Recipe Files

An easy and common way to be frugal is to cook more at home and to eat out less. Over the years, I've collected a thick stack of recipes from newspapers and magazines that I keep in a manila folder next to my cookbooks. I never bothered to categorize the recipes because so many of them fall into multiple categories (is it a soup or stew or entree? Gaa!). So the traditional way of organizing recipes just doesn't work for me. Plus I kind of enjoy flipping through the recipes when I'm looking for a specific one. I get ideas for meals that I've completely forgotten about.

I stumbled across a great tip that has made searching for recipes in my ever-growing folder much easier. I have divided the recipes between two folders: one for recipes I've tried and decided were keepers, and another for recipes I want to try. I can find recipes much quicker, and I still get to enjoy sifting through a stack!

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