Monday, January 02, 2006

American Consumerism in Dick and Jane

I saw the movie Dick and Jane this weekend. I won't be ruining the movie for you by mentioning that it contains a typical example of the consumerism that runs rampant in our society. There is a scene in which Jim Carrey is in his driveway standing next to his BMW. His neighbor pulls up in a brand new Mercedes that turns on and off using voice commands spoken into a remote control. Jim Carrey immediately feels that his BMW is inadequate. It is a brief, witty moment in the movie simply because all of us can relate to how Jim Carrey felt when his neighbor one-upped him with his fancy new car. Even though I could relate, I gave up keeping up with the Joneses a long time ago.

As a sidenote, the movie is pretty weak so I wouldn't recommend paying to see it in a theater. Wait for it to come on cable or video.

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