Thursday, January 05, 2006

Discover the Joy of Canceling Something

If you have yet to discover the joy of simplifying your life, you can take some baby steps by reading an excellent article called Modest Change: Cancel Something posted on 43folders. Be sure to read the comments, too. The article correctly points out that by reducing just one time-sucking thing from your life, you reduce the mental clutter associated with it. It provides some examples of things you can eliminate, such as RSS feeds (not this one, please!), a newspaper or magazine subscription or TiVO.

I quit subscribing to the Seattle Times when I moved into my condo because it was getting stolen from my building several days a month. I still ache for the daily crossword puzzle, but I have gained 30 minutes to an hour back in my day when I would peruse the paper. I realized that I got just as much news from the online version.

So start today and eliminate something small from your daily life. You'll be surprised what you can live without!

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